Sanitary Quality

The pristine conditions of our environment and careful harvesting, packing, and transporting  procedures guarantee that SOL AZUL oysters meet all the requirements of the Mexican Health Authorities and the U.S. Food &.Drug Administration.

Growing, harvesting, packing and handling are done under careful conditions that make sure our oysters the freshest and healthiest available anywhere.

Sol Azul organic oysters are cultured in remote, pristine waters monitored by the Mexican Program for Bivalve Mollusk Health, created by the Ministry of Health (COFEPRIS) and by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, ensuring that they meet the highest degree of safety and quality.

Sol Azul processing fulfills the most stringent norms of higiene and quality for industrial packaging plant sanitation, according to NOM-031-SSA1 and NOM-128-SSA1 regulations, endorsed by the HACCP for aquaculture and food industry for fish and shellfish. Sol Azul is also certified by Good Practices in Aquaculture Production of Bivalve Mollusks for Food Safety (in culture and process), issued by Senasica / SAGARPA. Oysters are exported to the United States under Certificate #MX 1SS of the FDA Shippers List. We are also certified as an Organic product by Bio-Agricert/IFOAM.

Sol Azul is also endorsed by Fishwise, a non-profit organization concerned with improving the sustainability of seafood at the producer, distributor, and retailer, levels. FishWise evaluates seafood producers against the most stringent certifications and ratings available from governmental, non-governmental, and industrial organizations. FishWise develops and uses peer-reviewed literature, published research, third-party ecolabels (e.g. MSC, Aquaculture Dialogues, GlobalGAP), color ratings (e.g. Seafood Watch, SeaChoice, Blue Ocean Institute) and fishery improvement projects. Since 2015 Sol Azul is also certified as Whole Food Market official supplier.