Environmental Sustainability

Sol Azul seeks to contribute to the holistic development of our region and, especially, to make aquaculture production compatible with the goals of the Biosphere Reserve of El Vizcaíno; to  protect the environment while carrying out productive activities. To achieve this, Sol Azul works in close collaboration with various local and international NGOs towards protecting  the region’s natural heritage, while simultaneously promoting the sustainable development of local communities.

cuidados 1The same basic criteria that avoid negative impacts to the ecosystem are vital to the health of our oysters.   We are well aware that any harm to the environment would result in harm to our oysters. So we have a double incentive to be stewards of our environment.

cuidados 2The techniques and facilities for shellfish aquaculture employed by Sol Azul are of very low impact to the environment.   Oysters feed exclusively on the abundant natural phytoplankton, avoiding any artificial feeds or chemical products that could affect the  delicate balance of the ecosystem.

The development of commercial mariculture in this region is vital to reduce pressure on natural resources characteristic of extractive fisheries, particularly when practised indiscriminately to the point of over-exploitation, as is presently the case along various regions of the Pacific coast of Mexico. Several important commercial species are being seriously overfished, such as: abalone, scallops, and clams. Sol Azul oysters provide a sustainable alternative and help provide employment alternatives for fishermen.