At what time of the year are Sol Azul oysters available?

Sol Azul oysters are available year-round. They can be enjoyed all year long due to thenatural conditions of our productionsite and to the use of selected breeds that grow throughtout te year. Once harvested, processed and packed live in their shell at 7°C, they maintain their quality and freshness for 7 days.

How are oysters packed and shipped?

Our high quality fresh oysters are mechanically graded and packed in 10 lb boxes as per below:

tabla preguntas engAre there health risks associated with eating raw oysters?

There are always risks associated with eating any kind of raw seafood, especially for people with immune disorders. Our oysters meet the health requirements of both the Mexican Ministry of Health and the U.S.  F.D.A. (Joint Shellfish Sanitation Program), which guarantee their quality as the free of pathogens and pollution.    “Sol Azul” has adopted the HACCP procedures for aquaculture and fish and shellfish industry established by the U.S. National Marine Fisheries Service Inspection Program and the F.D.A. as well as those of the Mexican Official Norm NOM-0128-SSA1-1993.  The “Sol Azul” oyster has been certified as an Organic Product by Bioagricert/IFOAM.

These certificates imply the observance of very strict monitoring practices of the quality of the water and of the processes of selection and packing.  Phytoplankton composition is monitored twice per week for the detection of biotoxins.   Oysters and water are continuously analyzed for bacteriological quality. Thanks to the exceptionally high quality of our waters, no pathogens have  ever been detected during the more than 15 years of uninterrupted monitoring.

Are Sol Azul oysters processed?

NO, oysters are marketed live-in-the-shell to provide you their exquisite and fresh ocean flavor.  The culture, harvest, packing and handling of “Sol Azul” oysters are carefully carried out under strict regulations to ensure the highest organoleptic and microbiological quality up to the moment when it reaches the consumer.  

How are oysters transported?

For air deliveries waxed cardboard boxes are placed inside polyesthyrene  insulated coolers and gel-ice packs are added to maintain appropriate low temperatures during transportation.