Our Pacific and Kumamoto Oysters are greatly appreciated and enjoyed fresh in the shell. Their superiority to other species is due to the following characteristics:

●The shell is hard and resistant, preventing leakage and dessication during handling and transportation
●The external surface of the shell is very clean and regular in shape, while the interior is nacreous and smooth, free of sand and grit, making it very attractive to consumers.
●The regular shape of the shell lends itself to easy opening, requiring little preparatory work when serving.  They are easily shucked, as each oyster is individually grown.
●The edible meat weight percentage is superior to that of other oyster species
●Our four seasons Oysters (unique in Mexico) have a uniform and appealing composition, texture and taste which remain constant year-round.

Warranty of sanitary quality and delicious taste


Raul-5-200x300Sol Azul organic oysters are the freshest and healthiest, surpassing the most demanding international norms and standards.They are produced in the country’s most pristine waters on the Pacific coast, inside the Biosphere Reserve of El Vizcaíno, on the Baja California peninsula.

1. Species:             Crassostrea gigas (Pacific Oyster)

2. Availability:    Continuous supply throughout the year

3. Presentation:    Oysters are marketed live-in-the shell and are graded by size (live weight) as follows:

*  Oysters are transported, handled and stored  under refrigeration (at 4 to 8°C) to ensure a shelf life of at least 7 days.


productos 2The Kumamoto Oyster (Crassostrea gigas, var sikamea) is a native of Ariake Bay, in Kumamoto Prefecture, on the southern Japanese island of Kyushu.  In the 1970’s, this oyster became almost extinct due to its over-exploitation in the Sea of Ariake.  It is still quite scarce throughout Japan. Since the early days of the 20th Century, West Coast oyster growers started culturing seed of this delicious and sweet small oyster as a replacement for the West Coast’s native Olympia.

With the resurgence of interest in half-shell oysters among the North-American public, the Kumamoto was introduced into traditionally important raw bar markets throught the United States.  Nowadays, the Kumamoto oyster is the reigning queen of the half-shell trade.

For a few years now, Sol Azul has grown Kumamotos quite successfully, as our farm is exactly at the same latitude as Kyushu island, the cradle of the original Kumamoto oysters .  Organically cultured in Baja California, our Sol Azul Kumamoto oysters have an incomparable texture and flavor, their meat is firm but yielding, with a mild taste..


1. Species Crassostrea gigas, var. sikamea (Kumamoto oyster)

2. Availability:  Continuous supply throughout the year.

3. Presentation:    Live in-the-shell

                          * Oysters are transported, handled and stored  under refrigeration ( 4 to 8°C) to ensure a shelf life of at least 7 days.